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Friday, March 1, 2019


Being triggered is much more than people getting offended. Every stimulation triggers a response. Have you ever heard of a knee-jerk reaction? The muscle contracts, the leg kicks, and the brain never gets involved.

When I open my mouth you can know I've thought long and hard about what I'm going to say. I've tried to find every angle that you may misinterpret or be triggered by. Talking to someone is one big Rorschach test of words. Every word I hold up I have to figure out what you personally are going to perceive that word to mean. In a world where words are defined by common usage it's as important to know your audience as it is to know what you are talking about. I try to be logical, factual,and tactful but I have one flaw that gets me every time.

One of my pet pees in cinema is when they start a movie or show with something that happens in the middle or the end as a way to make the audience wonder how the characters will get there. I just wanted you to know the irony of what I'm about to tell you about myself. Talking to me is like watching the movie Memento. It's a movie that blew peoples minds back in 2000 when it started at the end and made it's way to the beginning. So often I will start with my last thought and then explain how I got there.
People do not lesson to everything I say, in fact not even close! I find I have a good 10 sec at most to get any point I need to make across. Given that, here is an example: I will say "You can forget you know something..." and someone will interrupt and say "If you forget something you don't know it anymore by definition" and I will have to start over and say " A fun thing happens when you learn an instrument. You could know how to play 100 songs but you can forget that you know one of them until someone mentions something that triggers every note and every word to come flooding back to you. That same song that you forgot that you knew now you could possibly play it flawlessly. I worded that exactly the way I meant it. I could have said "If you forget something you can remember it" But that would not have been exactly what I meant by the long thought possess that got me here." *Deep breath*

Our brains learn by electrical impulses that are forced though the path of least resistance. I find the the trick to thinking is to make the path that we want our thoughts to go easy.  Being triggered simply opens the flood gates of information we have stored and it WILL go to ANY path you have open.

Every word I say has a pathway and every pathway has an emotion connected to it. If I say "cheesecake" that may get you to remember that one time at a party you ate cheesecake for the first time and Mmmmmm you just loved it! Or maybe you could be completely indifferent about cheesecake and it's just a dessert that you like the same as apple pie. BUT for the rare person cheesecake might remind you of the last thing you ate with a loved one right before they died. The emotion tied to it might be so intense that you don't want to think of cheesecake right now, and THAT IS OKAY. Sorry I mentioned it! <3 

What is not reasonable is if you yell at someone for bringing cheesecake to your birthday party because "THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!" All things have weaker and stronger emotions tied to them and that is a very personal (and in my opinion beautiful) experience of living. You have to have a lot of self reflection and keep those things that induce stronger feelings in check because sometimes the easiest thing to think about is also the hardest.

Stay tuned for next week when I release part II on victimization! :)

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