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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Surprise Date!

This is a guest post by my wife, Angela -

Yesterday I got to go out on a surprise date. The fact that I was going on a date wasn’t a surprise but the activity certainly was! Sadly for Seani I am really good at figuring out surprises even with almost no clues. Seani has to be super secretive about surprises or I can figure out what we’re doing by what kind of shoes I should wear and the direction we drive on the freeway. My problem is that I pay attention to EVERYTHING. Even if Seani mentions something in passing months before the actual date, I will remember and figure it out.

When we leave work, all I know is to bring a jacket and that we’re going to LA. On the way, I needed to stop by the store and my phone was almost dead so I instinctively pick up Seani’s phone to look up directions. I forgot there could be spoilers on the phone and I see the destination, the El Capitan Theater. I tried so hard to not find out and I start having a battle in my head. Should I tell Seani that I saw? Should I just pretend like I didn’t see and act surprised? Eventually I just blurt it out because I’m really bad at lying. Seani smiled, “I knew you’d see it.” Meanwhile I’m like “Why did you have it up?!” only to find out that it was on purpose. It actually was not our destination, just near it. Seani threw me off on purpose. Good one. You got me.

We get to the parking structure and I still don’t know what we’re doing. We walk up some exterior stairs to the rooftop of a building. It’s an outdoor movie theater. We get our headphones and blankets and head to our seats. As we wait for the movie to begin, I take in the nearby sights of LA and we talk about the buildings we can see from the roof. At this point there’s nothing to indicate what movie is playing. Seani hands me a bag of Reese’s Pieces. I love anything Reese’s. They make such good candy. I take this as a sign that Seani’s just being attentive to which candies I like.

The movie begins. It’s E.T. For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, Reese’s Pieces are the candy that are featured towards beginning of the movie. It was fun to snack on Reese’s Pieces while seeing them on screen. All in all it was a perfect night getting to be in the big city, under the night sky, and getting to be cozy with the one you love and blankets watching a great movie.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Erika wrote a post! :)

A few weeks ago, Seani, Angela, Afra and I went on a girls day out to Solvang. I love Solvang, and I can say the biggest reason I love it there is the first time I ever went there was with Seani! Seani definitely knows the cool things to do there. I drove over to Seani and Angela's apartment at around 11am and the first thing I noticed was Angela's outfit. She was wearing a mustard yellow sweater with penguins on it, rubber yellow boots, and she even had a penguin umbrella to match her sweater and it was thoroughly adorable. We went and picked up Afra, who I had met once before and was excited to get to know a little better.

The drive out was beautiful and followed the ocean for most of the way there. Our first stop was one of my favorite places that I remember from the last time we went out there. We took a short hike on a beautiful trail to Nojoqui falls. The hike there takes about 20 minutes, is covered in poison oak, and has no water due to the drought - but it's very green and beautiful! My favorite part is when Angela took out her Polaroid camera to have somebody take a picture of all of us by the waterfall, and Afra literally squealed! I don't think she had seen one before and I haven't ever seen somebody that excited about a Polaroid in my life. I honestly wanted to buy one for her on the spot.
Next, we drove to my second favorite place in Solvang. The first time I went to the tiny pony farm, I had a laughing fit so hard that I had tears streaming down my eyes. I didn't know that mini ponies existed and they were pretty much the cutest and funniest little dog sized horses ever! We took a few pictures of the ponies until it started pouring rain and we ran to the car.

We drove into the town, which is designed to look and feel like a small town in Denmark. There are flowers and wooden windmills everywhere, and the stores are filled with Christmas decorations, Danish deserts, and caf├ęs. It was around lunch time and we were looking for food. As we were outside deciding where to go, a woman in black overalls abruptly stopped Angela on the sidewalk and asked her if she got her penguin sweater at modcloth, which she did. She spoke so fast that we didn't even know what was happening, and as she walked away we realized that she had said that she was the fashion director at Modcloth and she was excited to see somebody wearing the color mustard. Now, you may not know how big of a fan Angela is of Modcloth. If she could, she would probably buy out the store. After we fully comprehended what had just happened, and did a two minute Google search for pictures of the fashion director at Modcloth, we realized that we needed to find this woman and actually talk to her instead of staring at her blankly. Unfortunately, she had basically instantly disappeared as soon as she said the word mustard. Seani, Angela, Afra and I split up and frantically ran around the building looking for her, and within a minute, Afra spotted her behind the building crossing the street. We chased after her and let Angela have her moment! They talked a little about Angela's love for Modcloth, how they were opening up a store in LA, and she snapped a picture of the two of them and we parted ways.
We all got some lunch at a mediocre cafe, and got some desserts at a yummy bakery just before the town started closing down. The drive home was beautiful with on and off rain. We found a giant bridge to take more Polaroid pictures at, and headed home! It was a lovely day :)