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Friday, September 26, 2014

10 Annoying Things Guys Do.

I'm not a big fan of my gender. I tell all my girlfriends just to think of me as one of the girls. It’s disappointing when reality hits and someone puts me back in the category with "the guys". I naturally seek friendship, support, and companionship and I have not been able to find this with most guys. With this post I am asking all the men out there to please help me by not conforming to stereotypes. Please realize in this post that I’m speaking in generalities. After all I’m a guy and I’m not like this so hopefully you can just read this and say, “Yeah, guys like that ARE annoying”.  

Here are 10 things that I see guys do that most girls would like you to stop doing.

1. Stop being creepy! Stop looking at women as anything other than people. Stop ogling girls that you're not in a solid relationship with, it's creepy!

2. Stop spitting, burping, bringing phlegm into their throat and farting… Its fine, we all do it, but not recreationally. Guys, when you’re on the phone please don’t let out a big burp into my ear, it’s disgusting.

3. Stop making her number two. Don’t use your selective hearing on the TV. Remember, she is the priority! Not your car, not the TV, not your video games, HER! Women can tell when your attention is not on them and it makes them feel unloved. 

4. Stop making pointed comments. Pushing women’s buttons is not funny and they don’t think it’s attractive. A lot of times you act like it's just playful teasing but it’s just mean. Maybe you think that that kind of behavior is cool with your bro's, but you're just immature if you do that.

5. Stop disregarding emotion. I know being “logical” is important to you but emotion is just as important to her.  Also don’t say you can’t care because if you did you would care too much. That’s a cop out.

6. Stop neglecting basic hygiene. Shower, brush your teeth, and for goodness sake clip those fingernails.

7. Stop making everything a competition. If you’re that competitive and you have to compete, make her on the same team and take on the world together. 

8. Stop having double standards. I know people keep telling me that men are wired differently and it’s impossible for men to not cheat, lie, or get angry. However if a woman does any of this they are evil.  Men, start believing that your better than this. You are, I promise.

9. Stop thinking nurturing is a strictly female thing. Without nurturing there can be no development of anything, even ourselves. Everyone needs love, attention, and validation.

10. Stop assuming your correct about anything. When you know your right than that's one thing, but if you just assume that your right without all the facts it leaves no room for conversation and learning.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Always insecure?

Angela and I were driving around listening to Billy Joel the other day and we heard the lyrics, "When you love someone, you're always insecure". We both looked at each other and started talking about it. We are not insecure at all... We know we have each other, we trust one another, and we don't feel like we need to walk on egg shells for approval.  Just by being ourselves, we become closer every day.

Everyone I dated before Angela had an idea in their heads of what a perfect relationship should be, and when I didn't fit that mold they would rather me change than accept me. For example, I dated a girl that got really weird when I wanted to learn to do her makeup or curl her hair so I stopped asking. I went along with what made her comfortable because I thought compromise was the most important thing in a relationship. With Angela, she not only accepts things that make me a little weird in others eyes, but loves me even more for it. We have fun picking out makeup and she loves the attention of me brushing or braiding her hair.  I feel like she really loves me for who I am and I love her for who she is. I'm so glad we are not insecure, it leaves more energy for things like playing. :)

One thing my wife and I love to do is drive around. It's relaxing and freeing to just be on the open road. Sometimes we'll just keep driving until we run out of gas. There's something kind of romantic about not knowing where you're going. You don't always have to plan what you're doing. When we hear about something fun to do that's more than an hour away it makes us all the more eager to go. This being said, I can't believe neither of us have ever been to Medieval Times. With having opportunities since we were young, even as school field trips, what has stopped us? Well I'm a hopeless romantic... so I choose to believe that it was fate that we could share our first Medieval Times experience together.

We had fun eating with our hands and watching the show. They had a gluten free option for Angela that I made sure to order before we got there. Upon arrival, we checked in and were given cool paper crowns. I'm more about the people than the activity and the company was first rate (Angela). I don't pretend to know the formula for the perfect relationship, but I do know that she is perfect for me and when I am with her, every day is an adventure. She lets me be myself, and if home is where the heart is, she is my home.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"People Charger"

I've heard that its dangerous and unhealthy to rely on someone other than yourself for your happiness. I've heard that this causes emotional cripples and they lean all over each other, causing both to fall. I think this problem is caused by entitlement. Expectation that their spouse is morally obligated to make them happy. Angela and I will never blame our own failure to be happy on one other. We are both strong independent people. That being said, we make one heck of a team. :)

Have you ever felt like your body and mind never recharge even with days of sleep? I've been tired for so long that I've just wanted to lay down, close my eyes, and never worry about anything ever again. However I have not felt this way for a very long time, but why? The short one word answer is "Angela". Instead of a "Battery Charger" she's my "People Charger".

Just as an introvert gets recharged by spending time alone and and extrovert gains energy from other people, with this post I would like to coin a new term. Wife-o-vert: or being recharged by your wife. Honestly, before Angela I thought I was out of luck. I thought that I just had to push though. I told myself "life is hard, I just need to deal with it," but now I feel like the luckiest person alive.

It's plain and simple for us, we are strong apart but unstoppable together. We all need help sometimes and we are there with tons of love for one another. With every day we figure out what love is capable of. We know that we are both humbly doing our best and when we have our fears we beat them together.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I love my wife sometimes....

f course I forgot all about you, but I remember you sometimes, like when I go to bed, or when I get a text or a phone call. I still remember you a little bit, like when I first wake up, like when I listen to my favorite songs, I remember you the most when my head is heavy and my heart is longing and I remember you when the sky turns to blue like it knows how I feel when it comes to you. I almost forgot though I still remember. - See more at:
f course I forgot all about you, but I remember you sometimes, like when I go to bed, or when I get a text or a phone call. I still remember you a little bit, like when I first wake up, like when I listen to my favorite songs, I remember you the most when my head is heavy and my heart is longing and I remember you when the sky turns to blue like it knows how I feel when it comes to you. I almost forgot though I still remember. - See more at:
I love her sometimes.... I love her when life gives me tired eyes, and shes there to give them rest. I love her as we play together, or as we listen to our favorite songs. I love her when her head is heavy and my heart is longing.  I love a her when I first wake up, or when the day is done. I love her as the sky turns into every shade of color or when cold weather turns warm. I love her sometimes and oh yes, the other times too... :3

Cute and giant? Turns out to be more of a paradox than an oxymoron. At least this was our discussion when we went to see the cute giant duck at the San Pedro harbor. Something you may not know about Angela is she is very hard to surprise. Even with very few clues she has an incredible talent for figuring out her surprises. I have gotten better at surprising her over the years but its always a delight when I get to see that smile on her face. The one that says "I don't know how you did it, but you did good". That's what I was able to get when we saw the duck in the harbor.

I was even able to get her a mini giant duck :P

Thursday, September 11, 2014

200 beautiful ways we share love.

I love the way she will dance in the rain with me. I love the way she makes me day dream about our future together. I love how we sing along with songs on the radio. Everyday I'm filled with thankfulness that I was blessed with the best wife in the world. I think about how I can begin to express how filled with joy everyday with Angela is. Its the small things we share everyday that make us inseparable. The way we fit perfectly together and work off each other in perfect harmony.

I started to write down cute things that my wife and I do, the little idiosyncrasies that draw us closer. I thought that it would be the best if I could tell her all of these things in some romantic way. After all, romance is not a way to create love but to express the love that's already there. So I came up with a plan.

First, I wrote down my list one by one on post it notes. It took 200 post it notes in all. And then I found some photos of us having fun together and taped them on the strings of polka dot balloons.

When she walked into our apartment, she was greeted with love songs playing as she went from room to room reading the little love notes. After awhile, she ended up in our bedroom with the balloons and photos over our bed.  I gave her a massage and we fell asleep and huggled all night :3