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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Angela and I did it! We have come so far from staring up at the ceiling of our empty apartment dreaming that we could afford our next rent check. No longer will we be throwing money away in the form of rent! We have hoped for the best and planned for the worst for so long it seems unreal that our dreams are coming true. It is truly an incredible feeling!!
I'm freaking out over this totally "adult" feeling of this huge decision! Angela and I made this thoughtfully together for years saving and looking. All we saw was that economic circumstances seemed not to be in our favor. Buying a home is one of life's most special experiences and we have been determined to make it happen. Now that it is from going house hunting to choosing the furniture, every step has been exciting! And now our voracious unbridled passion for decorating has started!

I can't stop thinking of all the possibilities down the line this opens for our family.

Even with our plan of saving and looking all the time economic circumstances seemed not to be in our favor. Anyone in the market knows house prices keep going up and interest rates started to go up with the election over. We found our dream home at the price we wanted at the perfect time for interest rates! And now we can experience the joy of never having to see a landlord again!

But more than anything I love my wife more than possessions or owning a house. I'm so grateful that we are so well off right now but when I look at Angela I know that I always have been.