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Monday, June 30, 2014

A boy at girls night????

 Angela and I are joined at the hip we go shopping together, work, crafting, anything you can think of because we genuinely like all the same things. The world is so much better when you can just turn to the one you love and tell them exactly what you’re thinking and have them be excited about it too. After work we are excited to go to Michael’s or Joann’s to work on our next craft or cute food. Or head to the mall to look at that dress we found on line together to see how it looks in person.

On Saturday night Angela and I had a Girls night. We have been throwing these for the last few months. You might say “Hay wait a minute... girl’s night? You’re a boy!” And yes at first I was met with skepticism. Yes I’m well aware of how unorthodox this is to some of you, but the people that are closest to me understand my genuine love of cute things. I do understand why boys at girl’s nights are taboo; the simple truth is that it’s a bad idea to invite a guy to girl’s night. It’s called “girls night” for a reason. It’s a comfortable place that girls don’t have to worry about being judged by guys. We don’t expect people to just add me as the exception without a good case and that’s why we created girls night so we could prove that I am the exception.

This last girl’s night Angela and I really out did ourselves. Thanks to our loving friends we have created more of a following for girl’s night. So we really wanted to do something special for those people that are open minded and accept me as one of them.

This girls night was a movie night where we watched Ever After so we had an ice sculpture of a castle.

We had a chocolate fountain with lots of yummys to eat. My favorite was the cute gummy turtles.

We set up a table we call our pink table. This table had a cotton candy maker, cupcakes, flowers, bubble gum sticks, and peanut butter cups.

The next table had drinks. We had a bunch of flavors of Torani syrup, club soda for Italian sodas, and mineral water. We also had regular sodas such as Dr. Pepper and Root Beer. We used mason jars as cups and cupcake wrappers for lids with swirly straws in them.

We had Ice Cream for floats and a snow cone maker. We also made cookies the shape of nail polish and wrote on them with food markers  :3

As far as things to do we had nail polish, hair chalk, temporary tattoos, foot soaks, and face masks.

Lastly we had a popcorn table where we had the butter melted by tea light.

Angela and I make a pretty good team. I believe this girls night was a complete success. And I am always looking forward to our next fun thing we do together.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

This week's adventures

    A lot has happened between my last post and this one. I posted this question on my Facebook, "Open question: Should everything be open to your spouse? Every password, Facebook, Email, your phone, credit card accounts bank accounts everything?" and I got some really good responses, and I respect what any relationship chooses. As for Angela and I we share everything. It works out great because neither of us are jealous or competitive people. We’ve had each other’s Facebook passwords before we ever got married but we haven’t even looked though each other’s messages once. We don’t need to. The fact that we have the passwords and wouldn’t care if we did look in my eyes supports that we have a trusting relationship.

    The truth is in a perfect relationship you could share everything and it would be just fine. Giving information does make you vulnerable and you do need to protect yourself. I’ve been in my fair share of abusive relationships but I refuse to close up and think “if I give my password to my wife she will (insert controlling bad thing here) I feel you should not have to protect yourself from your spouse. They are supposed to be your unbeatable teammate. I am well aware that this almost never happens, call us naive if you feel you need to but my wife and I believe in each other and we always try for that perfect relationship.

   We started off this week very busy preparing for the Pinterest party this Saturday. We knew we would not have very much time later in the week with all the fun things we had planed. 

First on Wednesday the 25th we went to Back to the Future at the Janss Marketplace 

On Thursday the 26th we went to The El Capitan theater and saw The Little Mermaid. (Where I proposed to Angela, you can read that post here )  We go there a lot and if I could describe my experience in one word it would have to be magical. When the movie started and I looked over at my wife I couldn't help falling in love with her all over again. She gets so excited about how cute Ariel is and her excitement is so darn adorable! 

Then we continued our adventures last night. We went to a Dodger game!

And I was able to surprise Angela with a message on the big board. (Sean Needham Loves Angela Needham)

We had peanuts, crackerjacks and gluten free sandwiches! The Dodgers put on a good show and we had a really fun night.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


One of the many wonderful things about my wife is we are in our own element together.  Meaning we can be of one mind and one heart with all we do. When we say we work together, drive to work together and spend every second together most people call us crazy. They say "Oh well your newly married, the magic will go away. I will not believe that. If that makes me naive so be it, but I believe that most relationships fall apart for preventable reasons. I will not be idle in our relationship to watch it doomed to the monotony of simply surviving. I will not let our conversations turn in to petty arguments.

When my wife and I communicate we care about each others conversational details, we care to understand deeply so we may achieve goals and have fulfilling lives. We don't just communicate on serious things when we have to, we preemptively talk about everything all the time with understanding and love. There is no fear that we will be judged by one another for anything we say or admit. We love and respect each other too much to let anything in the past damage our future even if it was 3 seconds in the past.

There is so much in the world to look at and experience. So much so that if we tried to do and see everything it would not be possible within our lifetimes. My mom loved clocks. All growing up she told me it reminded her with ever tic and tok that time was running out. That she needed to convert her passion into action and gain fulfillment well she still had a chance. She collected clocks until the end when she died. You can still hear the loud ticking of 15 or so clocks if you go visit my dad.

I have learned though a lot in my life that every second is precious in life. Some may say I'm getting over zealous when I post in this blog twice in two days. But what makes me the happiest in life is when my wife is happy. And if I had something to post on this blog every min I would have no greater joy. 

Yesterday after work I got her favorite gluten free cupcakes and a dozen pink roses. 

 I then gave her a lavender foot soak and a foot massage.

I then put nail polish on her nails and made them sparkly. They look like Frozen nails.

We now call her toes Frozies (Frozen + toesies = Frozies) :P

Monday, June 9, 2014

Why a Blog?

I want nothing more then to be the person that makes my wife happy. So I've started this blog as a realization of that romantic sentiment. The idea is to track my progress as a loving partner and someday parent. I have named this blog Breathing For Her because my goal is to make my wife's life easier not harder.

A little about our relationship thus far. My wife and I got married last year July 27th 2013. Within 6 months of our marriage, We got hit with over $14,000 worth of expenses from taxes from my computer business, Angela's car died so we have one car, I had knee surgery, had someone threatened us and tried to find where we live, we both got new jobs, and my mom and my wife's dad both died.

 That's all behind us now. Through it all we have loved each other purely and been rock solid support systems in one anothers lives. We have been saving money now and the light at the end of the tunnel has become the sun on our skin laying on the beach. Now its time to keep track of the good things in our lives. To look at how far we have come and how we can show our love in the years to come.

So yesterday when my wife was napping I scrubbed the bathroom and made it all pretty.

 I grilled a candle lit salmon meal with veggies. (after I took this I turned out the light)

Then I drew her a lavender bubble bath with epsom salt.

And lit some candles and put on some Nora Jones.

After that I gave her a massage and tucked my beloved into bed to sleep. 

I'm hoping to update this blog regularly with nice things that I do for my wife. It will be nice to be able to have a sort of scrap book of the love we share.