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Monday, June 9, 2014

Why a Blog?

I want nothing more then to be the person that makes my wife happy. So I've started this blog as a realization of that romantic sentiment. The idea is to track my progress as a loving partner and someday parent. I have named this blog Breathing For Her because my goal is to make my wife's life easier not harder.

A little about our relationship thus far. My wife and I got married last year July 27th 2013. Within 6 months of our marriage, We got hit with over $14,000 worth of expenses from taxes from my computer business, Angela's car died so we have one car, I had knee surgery, had someone threatened us and tried to find where we live, we both got new jobs, and my mom and my wife's dad both died.

 That's all behind us now. Through it all we have loved each other purely and been rock solid support systems in one anothers lives. We have been saving money now and the light at the end of the tunnel has become the sun on our skin laying on the beach. Now its time to keep track of the good things in our lives. To look at how far we have come and how we can show our love in the years to come.

So yesterday when my wife was napping I scrubbed the bathroom and made it all pretty.

 I grilled a candle lit salmon meal with veggies. (after I took this I turned out the light)

Then I drew her a lavender bubble bath with epsom salt.

And lit some candles and put on some Nora Jones.

After that I gave her a massage and tucked my beloved into bed to sleep. 

I'm hoping to update this blog regularly with nice things that I do for my wife. It will be nice to be able to have a sort of scrap book of the love we share.

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