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Saturday, June 28, 2014

This week's adventures

    A lot has happened between my last post and this one. I posted this question on my Facebook, "Open question: Should everything be open to your spouse? Every password, Facebook, Email, your phone, credit card accounts bank accounts everything?" and I got some really good responses, and I respect what any relationship chooses. As for Angela and I we share everything. It works out great because neither of us are jealous or competitive people. We’ve had each other’s Facebook passwords before we ever got married but we haven’t even looked though each other’s messages once. We don’t need to. The fact that we have the passwords and wouldn’t care if we did look in my eyes supports that we have a trusting relationship.

    The truth is in a perfect relationship you could share everything and it would be just fine. Giving information does make you vulnerable and you do need to protect yourself. I’ve been in my fair share of abusive relationships but I refuse to close up and think “if I give my password to my wife she will (insert controlling bad thing here) I feel you should not have to protect yourself from your spouse. They are supposed to be your unbeatable teammate. I am well aware that this almost never happens, call us naive if you feel you need to but my wife and I believe in each other and we always try for that perfect relationship.

   We started off this week very busy preparing for the Pinterest party this Saturday. We knew we would not have very much time later in the week with all the fun things we had planed. 

First on Wednesday the 25th we went to Back to the Future at the Janss Marketplace 

On Thursday the 26th we went to The El Capitan theater and saw The Little Mermaid. (Where I proposed to Angela, you can read that post here )  We go there a lot and if I could describe my experience in one word it would have to be magical. When the movie started and I looked over at my wife I couldn't help falling in love with her all over again. She gets so excited about how cute Ariel is and her excitement is so darn adorable! 

Then we continued our adventures last night. We went to a Dodger game!

And I was able to surprise Angela with a message on the big board. (Sean Needham Loves Angela Needham)

We had peanuts, crackerjacks and gluten free sandwiches! The Dodgers put on a good show and we had a really fun night.

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