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Monday, June 30, 2014

A boy at girls night????

 Angela and I are joined at the hip we go shopping together, work, crafting, anything you can think of because we genuinely like all the same things. The world is so much better when you can just turn to the one you love and tell them exactly what you’re thinking and have them be excited about it too. After work we are excited to go to Michael’s or Joann’s to work on our next craft or cute food. Or head to the mall to look at that dress we found on line together to see how it looks in person.

On Saturday night Angela and I had a Girls night. We have been throwing these for the last few months. You might say “Hay wait a minute... girl’s night? You’re a boy!” And yes at first I was met with skepticism. Yes I’m well aware of how unorthodox this is to some of you, but the people that are closest to me understand my genuine love of cute things. I do understand why boys at girl’s nights are taboo; the simple truth is that it’s a bad idea to invite a guy to girl’s night. It’s called “girls night” for a reason. It’s a comfortable place that girls don’t have to worry about being judged by guys. We don’t expect people to just add me as the exception without a good case and that’s why we created girls night so we could prove that I am the exception.

This last girl’s night Angela and I really out did ourselves. Thanks to our loving friends we have created more of a following for girl’s night. So we really wanted to do something special for those people that are open minded and accept me as one of them.

This girls night was a movie night where we watched Ever After so we had an ice sculpture of a castle.

We had a chocolate fountain with lots of yummys to eat. My favorite was the cute gummy turtles.

We set up a table we call our pink table. This table had a cotton candy maker, cupcakes, flowers, bubble gum sticks, and peanut butter cups.

The next table had drinks. We had a bunch of flavors of Torani syrup, club soda for Italian sodas, and mineral water. We also had regular sodas such as Dr. Pepper and Root Beer. We used mason jars as cups and cupcake wrappers for lids with swirly straws in them.

We had Ice Cream for floats and a snow cone maker. We also made cookies the shape of nail polish and wrote on them with food markers  :3

As far as things to do we had nail polish, hair chalk, temporary tattoos, foot soaks, and face masks.

Lastly we had a popcorn table where we had the butter melted by tea light.

Angela and I make a pretty good team. I believe this girls night was a complete success. And I am always looking forward to our next fun thing we do together.

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