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Friday, May 29, 2015

Car Crash

Angela and I were going to go out of town this last weekend to see some friends that moved up to Utah. Our plans changed.
We got into a car accident. We had just had a great hike at Happy Camp Regional Park and we were driving down Campus Park Drive when a car wrongfully made a left hand turn in front of us from Princeton Avenue. They had a stop sign and we didn't. We slammed on our brakes, but unfortunately for us, so did they. I think the other driver realized that they shouldn't have gone, panicked, and slammed on their brakes. I sincerely think that if they hadn't stopped in the middle of the intersection we would have both gotten out unscathed. Our front driver's side headlight/front bumper made contact with her driver's side back bumper. Fortunately, we were going a pretty slow speed at time of impact and nobody was injured.

We were the blue line they were the red line and the yellow dot is the crash.

After we got home and called their insurance company we didn't want to leave our apartment. We had seen what the outside world had to offer.. fool us once.. Angela and I get along so well. We both have feminine interests like talking about clothes or nail polish and we also have some typical guy interests like playing video games. It's interesting to see how the things that may make us a little eccentric seem to work together to make a relationship better than I could have ever imagined. Because of these things combined we had a lot of fun this last weekend. It was filled with treats and Zelda; more specifically I found my new favorite Popsicle Tillamook Lemonilla Tillabars.
The insurance company still has not contacted us back and being in an accident does suck.. but that we have a nice car to begin with is a testament to how great our lives are. We crashed our really nice car. First world problems, right? Angela and I are safe and we were able to have a really good Memorial Day weekend regardless. 

Monday, May 18, 2015


Angela and I have been going to Disneyland a lot lately. In fact, we went both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. We are kind of Disney obsessed and we love just walking around the parks looking at all the many wonderful things. I love the magic we feel at Disneyland its really unlike any other theme park that way.

Okay so we have this friend that makes really cute crochet dolls.  Every time she posts a picture of these dolls Angela needs to show me how cute they are, and I have to say these dolls are so adorable. As you can imagine when this friend of ours stated an Etsy shop this last week a special opportunity arose.

At the time there were only 4 dolls up on her Etsy shop and I ordered the Ariel one for Angela. A little while later I received a message from our friend. She said that she had a Merida doll too if I'd rather. She knew how special that movie was to Angela and I from our engagement story. We ended up getting both and they are both adorable.

I ordered the dolls and I drove Angela to Disneyland to give her them in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. Angela was so happy! It's a dream come true to support a friend by getting a handmade Disney item this cute. We were not the only ones to notice how adorable these dolls are. We received some happy looks in line for The Little Mermaid ride and someone even asked Angela if she bought it in the park because they wanted one too!  I suggest buying one of these dolls before they're gone. The shop can be found here:

Monday, May 4, 2015

My First Baby Shower

This weekend was so much fun! I would like to tell you guys about my experience going to my first baby shower (which I confess I've been giddy about since I was included on the invite list a few weeks ago. Thank you so much Melissa & Summer!!!). All mothers are superwomen to me. Making it up as they go along and staying nurturing and maternal, despite how scared, frustrated, and lost they must feel at times. I have such high respect for all of these beautiful women and was flattered that they were so welcoming for me to be a part of this baby shower. The joy of giving gifts is amazing and it's all the better when you know that it's for a cute little baby and all the baby stuff was so adorable.

We were greeted by the mother of the baby and she was excited to show us the sandwiches from Urbane Cafe and the cake from Bread Basket. I have gone to a bridal shower, bachelorette party, girl's night, and now a baby shower; all the while everyone has been very inviting and embraced my feminine interests. It's a dream come true that I'm able to mingle and feel relaxed in my element and all the while be with my amazing wife.  Various things were discussed from pastry baking to the stresses of having a baby with colic. After the baby shower I was even more confident that Angela will do a great job being a mother when that time comes. I'm already so proud of her for who she has chosen to grow into. I love her so much.

I love my real life romance blog. Sometimes I can't believe its my life when I look back and read some of this stuff. I don't know how I've become so lucky! After the baby shower on Saturday Angela and I went out on a date to see the new Avengers movie at the El Capitan theater. We love revisiting our theater as we call it. From the gold trim ceilings to the regal atmosphere we love this Disney theater. The movie was very good, I recommend it to everyone that has liked the other Marvel movies.

We woke up Sunday morning still wanting more Disney even after we were up all night at the Disney theater. This is not uncommon for us to have our Disney appetites unquenchable.  Later that day we went to Disneyland for rides and fun. We got to see the new Tomorrowland preview where they used to have Captain EO and I think we will have to see Tomorrowland because that preview was very fun.

I love that my wife and I are a team. We take on the world one adventure at a time. I can't wait until my next blog post to tell you more.