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Friday, May 29, 2015

Car Crash

Angela and I were going to go out of town this last weekend to see some friends that moved up to Utah. Our plans changed.
We got into a car accident. We had just had a great hike at Happy Camp Regional Park and we were driving down Campus Park Drive when a car wrongfully made a left hand turn in front of us from Princeton Avenue. They had a stop sign and we didn't. We slammed on our brakes, but unfortunately for us, so did they. I think the other driver realized that they shouldn't have gone, panicked, and slammed on their brakes. I sincerely think that if they hadn't stopped in the middle of the intersection we would have both gotten out unscathed. Our front driver's side headlight/front bumper made contact with her driver's side back bumper. Fortunately, we were going a pretty slow speed at time of impact and nobody was injured.

We were the blue line they were the red line and the yellow dot is the crash.

After we got home and called their insurance company we didn't want to leave our apartment. We had seen what the outside world had to offer.. fool us once.. Angela and I get along so well. We both have feminine interests like talking about clothes or nail polish and we also have some typical guy interests like playing video games. It's interesting to see how the things that may make us a little eccentric seem to work together to make a relationship better than I could have ever imagined. Because of these things combined we had a lot of fun this last weekend. It was filled with treats and Zelda; more specifically I found my new favorite Popsicle Tillamook Lemonilla Tillabars.
The insurance company still has not contacted us back and being in an accident does suck.. but that we have a nice car to begin with is a testament to how great our lives are. We crashed our really nice car. First world problems, right? Angela and I are safe and we were able to have a really good Memorial Day weekend regardless. 

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