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Monday, May 18, 2015


Angela and I have been going to Disneyland a lot lately. In fact, we went both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. We are kind of Disney obsessed and we love just walking around the parks looking at all the many wonderful things. I love the magic we feel at Disneyland its really unlike any other theme park that way.

Okay so we have this friend that makes really cute crochet dolls.  Every time she posts a picture of these dolls Angela needs to show me how cute they are, and I have to say these dolls are so adorable. As you can imagine when this friend of ours stated an Etsy shop this last week a special opportunity arose.

At the time there were only 4 dolls up on her Etsy shop and I ordered the Ariel one for Angela. A little while later I received a message from our friend. She said that she had a Merida doll too if I'd rather. She knew how special that movie was to Angela and I from our engagement story. We ended up getting both and they are both adorable.

I ordered the dolls and I drove Angela to Disneyland to give her them in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. Angela was so happy! It's a dream come true to support a friend by getting a handmade Disney item this cute. We were not the only ones to notice how adorable these dolls are. We received some happy looks in line for The Little Mermaid ride and someone even asked Angela if she bought it in the park because they wanted one too!  I suggest buying one of these dolls before they're gone. The shop can be found here:

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