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Saturday, July 5, 2014


It is no secret that I love my wife. In fact, I think I would shout it from the mountain tops if I thought that anyone would hear me. I guess I'll have to stick with the not-so-literal mountain tops, also known as the internet. My wife and I may not be perfect individually, but we are perfect for each other. Yes, we have our trials. Some days, everything seems to go wrong and we're grumpy, but we bounce back and buoy each other up.

We are having a very good forth of July weekend. To keep you all apprized of our adventures, we saw the 3rd of July fireworks in Moorpark and the 4th of July fireworks in Thousand oaks. It's been nice to stay in town and visit with our families. I just wanted to make a post for what we did today. I told Angela that I would like to go for a picnic but didn't tell her where. I had bought a gingham tablecloth that I've been excited to surprise her with for a while now. I got the old picnic basket out and we drove to Zuma beach.

We had a lot of fun at the beach and the sandwiches were delicious. P:  

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