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Monday, July 21, 2014

Love is in the little things

 The other day I had an eye opening experience that shows how much people pay attention to one another. Someone that I work with approached me to tell me about something a stranger observed. They said, "Those girls downstairs asked me if I worked with you and your wife. When I told them yes you should have seen those girls, they smiled so big! They told me, 'They are so cute! We work right by a window that looks out to the parking lot and we see every time without fail he opens the car door for her.'" I am so glad that he told me what those girls said. It was something I didn't ever really notice, I mean what's a couple of seconds when getting in and out of our car? But that it was such a big deal that they would tell someone and then that person would tell me makes me feel really good.

The little things really are so important in our relationship. Those little acts of kindness like telling her I love her often, holding her hand while we're at the grocery store or in the car, or when I notice that some aspect of her looks are particularly nice that day, and then letting her know I noticed. Specific compliments go a long way. Today I noticed that Angela is wearing the necklace I made for her at Heather's craft night. It makes me so happy to know she likes it.

It's these little things that really count. Even those with a lack of imagination can throw enough money at something to show off how romantic they supposedly are, but it is more important to treat your significant other with love and respect at all times, even when you don't think anyone is watching. I can't always do grand romantic gestures for my wife, but I strive to win her heart a little more every day.

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