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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blanket Fort

Angela and I have been working on this for a few weeks now. From getting PVC pipe from Home Depot to creating blue prints of the frame. When we do things we like to do it right. Angela and I will sometimes jokingly speak to one another condescendingly. It was fun to watch a brawny male stranger look up at me like "Are you going to take that?" After I looked like I was not only fine with it but playing along, he dropped it and continued about his business.

That's the kind of relationship Angela and I have. We have a strict no pride policy. We have pride in that. :P We understand that we need to take things seriously, but only when it's necessary. We like to take things lightly whenever possible and live every day to the fullest. Yes, there are bad things in this world and we struggle to know if we can change them, or if we need to accept them and move on. That's where building a blanket fort comes in. This is that joy we fight for every day. We choose to live it up best we can. And I have to tell all of you the safest I have ever felt is within the walls of our fort. Knowing physically there's not much protection but mentally and emotionally the support system is bullet proof.

We rented How to Train your Dragoon because Angela had not seen it yet.

We then made more gluten free heart pizza so we could nom

And then we got our fort all ready.

And Angela got her footy pajamas on! :3

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