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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Importance of Romance

I get enthralled in the intricate perplexities and seemingly endless labyrinths of love. One such perplexity is romance. Without romance its hard to smooth out the edges of everyday interaction in a loving relationship. I have met a lot of women that say they don't believe in romance but still indulge in a romantic movie or book without reservation. When asked about this paradox they say real life is different, and you have to have more sense than sensibilities.

OK girls, first of all... really? Don't be foolin', I know you have a wedding board on Pinterest with your romantic hopes and dreams you wish would come true. When I whisper something like "My heart is perfect because... you're inside it" to my wife, we both appreciate the romantic sentiment. Being sensitive is a beautiful thing, it allows one to see with a higher form of sight. Romance is a powerful force that softly caresses your senses and comforts you. Something worthy of being cherished. It's too bad that most guys I talk to will use romance as a tool to get in to a girls pants or for someone not to be mad when they are a jerk.

Its true the "real world" is full of its pit falls and traps of sensibilities. People say most guys are more logical than emotional and relying on them to give a fictional standard of romance will be depressing. But girls, you're letting guys get away with too much. They are more capable than they are letting on. There are guys that downplay romance because it is easier. Those same guys will buy flowers for their girl when she gets mad because they secretly know there is value in it. This is because the only time for them to have romance is when its easier than to have her mad. I ask the ladies do you want to be easy? Do you want to be around simply because the other girls around you would be too much of a bother for your man? That would make me feel worthless.

To me romance is classy, refined, tactful, and downright caring. People say chivalry is dead but the near fact that it existed demands that it should still. We need to not allow this emotional barbarism because of the false idea men are incapable. You will be doing your man a favor by getting them to tap into something so emotionally fulfilling.

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