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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Healing Hearts and Poison Water

Its amazing how in love Angela and I are. Okay sorry I just had to say it, please don't gag, but our symbiosis is a miracle. Everyday I wake up with hope that our love will last forever. When I met Angela I told myself to hang on to my heart because my past was one big Admiral Akbar telling me it was a trap. But then I thought to myself shes wonderful so far, and I have been a fool for much lesser things. So I opened up and gave her my heart and it was the best decision of my life. Angela is so good to me and we love to play together. Thursday night the 31st of July we embarked on our journey to the Redwoods.

Road trips are a lot of fun for us in fact one of our many passions is to travel. We have big dreams of traveling the world someday. When we went on vacation, we looked forward to another small step in our grand adventure together. We held hands and pulled our car out form our little apartment parking spot to travel the big world of open roads.

 Our fist destination was this cabin in the middle of nowhere, Orick, CA. This was a good opportunity to be one with nature as we took many lovely trails. Our diet consisted mostly of delicious gluten free PB&J sandwiches. We saw the majestic animals like this one. 

We couldn't believe some of the stuff we saw...
We also saw animals that we didn't know what they were doing...
But overall we loved being in nature and soaking up the beautiful scenery together.
We even saw a lighthouse.

We had so much fun on our vacation I can't put it all in here but the one thing that matters most is we did it together I had been here as a child but it was not anywhere near as fun without my love to share it with.

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