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Friday, July 18, 2014

Our Special Place

I teared up a little today thinking about how Angela and I love each other more every day. When I was younger I thought people just said that as a romantic sentiment or platitude. But it’s real.  I noticed today that Angela and I have a very special place. This place didn’t start special at first, but after Angela and I have taken a short walk every day for the past 6 months, this place has become sacred.  During these walks we talk about the day so far, what we have done, and what our plans will be for the day ahead. At the farthest part of our walk before we loop back around we pass by a movie theater. After we walk past the main entrance, we go down an outdoor hallway before turning around and taking our short journey back to our car.

The first few times down this hallway we noticed the pleasant scent of movie popcorn. Soon after we noticed they always play movie soundtracks overhead, a lot of times Disney soundtracks.  We found ourselves dancing hand in hand with my hand on her waist and her's on my shoulder. Lively and playful on the fast songs and tender and graceful on the slow songs, but always very loving with kisses throughout. We are only there for maybe a minute at most. We just smile and stare into one another’s eyes and continue our walk.

I should have noticed sooner but it wasn’t all at once. Just as that walk has gotten more beautiful as time has gone by, every aspect of our relationship has grown. Our hearts have grown with every experience we share together.  As inseparable as we were yesterday, I know as we share our hearts today; tomorrow our love will grow.

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