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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


One of the many wonderful things about my wife is we are in our own element together.  Meaning we can be of one mind and one heart with all we do. When we say we work together, drive to work together and spend every second together most people call us crazy. They say "Oh well your newly married, the magic will go away. I will not believe that. If that makes me naive so be it, but I believe that most relationships fall apart for preventable reasons. I will not be idle in our relationship to watch it doomed to the monotony of simply surviving. I will not let our conversations turn in to petty arguments.

When my wife and I communicate we care about each others conversational details, we care to understand deeply so we may achieve goals and have fulfilling lives. We don't just communicate on serious things when we have to, we preemptively talk about everything all the time with understanding and love. There is no fear that we will be judged by one another for anything we say or admit. We love and respect each other too much to let anything in the past damage our future even if it was 3 seconds in the past.

There is so much in the world to look at and experience. So much so that if we tried to do and see everything it would not be possible within our lifetimes. My mom loved clocks. All growing up she told me it reminded her with ever tic and tok that time was running out. That she needed to convert her passion into action and gain fulfillment well she still had a chance. She collected clocks until the end when she died. You can still hear the loud ticking of 15 or so clocks if you go visit my dad.

I have learned though a lot in my life that every second is precious in life. Some may say I'm getting over zealous when I post in this blog twice in two days. But what makes me the happiest in life is when my wife is happy. And if I had something to post on this blog every min I would have no greater joy. 

Yesterday after work I got her favorite gluten free cupcakes and a dozen pink roses. 

 I then gave her a lavender foot soak and a foot massage.

I then put nail polish on her nails and made them sparkly. They look like Frozen nails.

We now call her toes Frozies (Frozen + toesies = Frozies) :P

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