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Friday, September 26, 2014

10 Annoying Things Guys Do.

I'm not a big fan of my gender. I tell all my girlfriends just to think of me as one of the girls. It’s disappointing when reality hits and someone puts me back in the category with "the guys". I naturally seek friendship, support, and companionship and I have not been able to find this with most guys. With this post I am asking all the men out there to please help me by not conforming to stereotypes. Please realize in this post that I’m speaking in generalities. After all I’m a guy and I’m not like this so hopefully you can just read this and say, “Yeah, guys like that ARE annoying”.  

Here are 10 things that I see guys do that most girls would like you to stop doing.

1. Stop being creepy! Stop looking at women as anything other than people. Stop ogling girls that you're not in a solid relationship with, it's creepy!

2. Stop spitting, burping, bringing phlegm into their throat and farting… Its fine, we all do it, but not recreationally. Guys, when you’re on the phone please don’t let out a big burp into my ear, it’s disgusting.

3. Stop making her number two. Don’t use your selective hearing on the TV. Remember, she is the priority! Not your car, not the TV, not your video games, HER! Women can tell when your attention is not on them and it makes them feel unloved. 

4. Stop making pointed comments. Pushing women’s buttons is not funny and they don’t think it’s attractive. A lot of times you act like it's just playful teasing but it’s just mean. Maybe you think that that kind of behavior is cool with your bro's, but you're just immature if you do that.

5. Stop disregarding emotion. I know being “logical” is important to you but emotion is just as important to her.  Also don’t say you can’t care because if you did you would care too much. That’s a cop out.

6. Stop neglecting basic hygiene. Shower, brush your teeth, and for goodness sake clip those fingernails.

7. Stop making everything a competition. If you’re that competitive and you have to compete, make her on the same team and take on the world together. 

8. Stop having double standards. I know people keep telling me that men are wired differently and it’s impossible for men to not cheat, lie, or get angry. However if a woman does any of this they are evil.  Men, start believing that your better than this. You are, I promise.

9. Stop thinking nurturing is a strictly female thing. Without nurturing there can be no development of anything, even ourselves. Everyone needs love, attention, and validation.

10. Stop assuming your correct about anything. When you know your right than that's one thing, but if you just assume that your right without all the facts it leaves no room for conversation and learning.

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