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Friday, October 3, 2014

The importance of friends

Angela and I love our friends. Spending time and enjoying the company of our friends is what we live for.  It is nice to just relax after a day that should make us feel tensed, nervous, or depressed and know we can play and be happy with our friends. After all, our main philosophy in life is "it's not about the activity you're doing its about the people you're with".

I didn't have much hope that I would ever find true friends. After all, I was trying to get invited to baby showers and girls nights. Most people told me to hide my true self from people and have superficial friendships, at least people might like me that way. Angela never saw me like that, she always wanted to know me for me and loved me more and more as she figured me out. This changed my life around. Angela allowed me for the first time to feel comfortable and let down my walls.

My personal growth over the last couple years has been substantial. Thanks to my wonderful wife and amazing friends I have felt more motivated in every aspect of my life. I was beginning to think someone unconditionally loving me was impossible. But now I know it doesn't mater what happens or however long its been since you've seen your friends, you are always there for them and them for you.

Not only do I have friends that love me for me, but they also stick up for me. I invited a girl to girls night and that girl said, "Isn't it awkward to be the only guy there?" and a wonderful friend chimed in and informed her that I was one of the girls. This made me feel accepted and so grateful. I don't like feeling left out and I'm so glad I don't have to feel that way again.

This last Saturday Angela and I had an opportunity to hang out with a couple of our friends Gail and Gretchen. We went to Little Tokyo and had an urban picnic. We had fun just looking at all the cute Japanese toys, stuffed animals, colored pencils, and backpacks. We even had some mochi from two different mochi shops. Angela and I prepared lots of good foods. However the best thing wasn’t how great the food was (though it was delicious), or that we where on an adventure in Little Tokyo (though that was fun) it was how great our friends are. We just chatted about whatever came to our minds and afterwards felt full of joy that we have such fun and loving friends.  It's fantastic that it’s possible to have friends like these and a wife that I have such a unique beautiful bond with. Life could not be better. :)

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