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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mistakes People Make About What Love Is

Love is an openly definable word. Sure it's a feeling of deep affection. Sure it's feeling a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. But so often people will say love is actions, intentions, or fate.  The definition of love is so clouded that we are all forced into creating the very popular term "true love".

So how do you separate what you want in the moment with what will bring you eternal true love? Well everyone has different equations for this. I've heard "happiness is simple" or "ignorance is bliss". I am afraid people try to shrink down everything good into a more manageable/comfortable size. People also do this by generalizations that appear complex but have no real meat in them-- these are called platitudes. I've heard "if it's meant to be it will happen" or "all you need is love".

It's ideology that gets people up in the morning. It's that idea of love that can drive people to do anything. Love that's pure and not clouded with false intentions. Clouded love is what leads to false ideals. After all, it is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. People use love as a promise of the best life has to offer and then mix that love with selfish desire without even realizing it. This is where manipulations like "If you love me you will do (put random thing they want you to do here)" come from.

It's true that the more complex something is the scarier and overwhelming it can look. But don't hide from the corresponding intricacies of idiosyncrasy. Everyone is different than everyone else and that is not a simple concept, however it is a beautiful one. It takes people a lifetime or more to figure out what truly makes them happy. And just because it works for you does not always mean it will work for someone else.

For me to endeavor to purely love my wife is of the highest importance. I know that I love her because that is the most powerful word I know to describe what I feel. Although everyone throws the word love around like a beach ball, it is a genuine pleasure to find out how to love my wife purely day to day. To go though life good times and bad, and work together to have this coveted "perfect love". This endeavor is what brings us closer than anything I can imagine. This is what brings me love every day of my life.

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