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Thursday, September 11, 2014

200 beautiful ways we share love.

I love the way she will dance in the rain with me. I love the way she makes me day dream about our future together. I love how we sing along with songs on the radio. Everyday I'm filled with thankfulness that I was blessed with the best wife in the world. I think about how I can begin to express how filled with joy everyday with Angela is. Its the small things we share everyday that make us inseparable. The way we fit perfectly together and work off each other in perfect harmony.

I started to write down cute things that my wife and I do, the little idiosyncrasies that draw us closer. I thought that it would be the best if I could tell her all of these things in some romantic way. After all, romance is not a way to create love but to express the love that's already there. So I came up with a plan.

First, I wrote down my list one by one on post it notes. It took 200 post it notes in all. And then I found some photos of us having fun together and taped them on the strings of polka dot balloons.

When she walked into our apartment, she was greeted with love songs playing as she went from room to room reading the little love notes. After awhile, she ended up in our bedroom with the balloons and photos over our bed.  I gave her a massage and we fell asleep and huggled all night :3

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