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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Love is a Package Deal

Angela and I saw Phantom of the Opera last week to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary. We have both wanted to see that play since we were very young. Angela has been fortunate enough to see it three times now. I related life experience to Christine's struggles and it helped me see life more clearly. It taught me just because something feels good at the time does not mean it will grant someone lasting joy. It's amazing how the wisdom from other people's experiences (like the ones portrayed in Phantom of The Opera) can save you unimaginable heartbreak.

The Phantom exploited Christine's naivety and let her believe that he was the Angel of Music sent by her late father to watch over her. After all she was a young wide-eyed little girl willing to except anything that hid her from cold hard reality. She grew up very lonely without her parents but the Phantom of Opera was there to ease her mind. However while satisfying both their needs for companionship Christine was blind to the treachery caused by the Phantom's other desires.
You pity the Phantom for his dark past and hopeless future but you realize that does not excuse him of his actions. Life is hard and everyone deals with it differently. I find with life most things come in package deals. All you see at first is a box labeled "companionship" and you think I NEED THAT! But what you get with that companionship can be toxic. That's why you need to be careful how you choose your friends. It may feel right because you're getting what you need but you may get more than you bargained for.

It's easy at the beginning of a relationship to just focus on your loneliness being relieved. It's easy to feel special just from someone's desire for them to be around you. And if they are charming you may be enticed into more than friendship. Unfortunately for a lot of people long term relationships are very complicated.
You need to keep bettering yourself or else what is the point of a new day? Angela and I have been through enough to know hiding in the shadows gets you nowhere. I wish I could shake some people that give their love blindly. In this play the Phantom is a person pulling the strings and it may be for you too, but in most of our lives it's subtle things. Everyone has their phantoms to soothe their minds. It can be an idea or obsession but eventually reality will catch up with you.  It saddens me that some people think that ignorance is bliss, they may never experience true bliss that way.

Angela and I live our days in the light discovering new things about ourselves and each other daily. We live each day living for the future. Christine only dreams of being hidden from her problems not to rise above them. Even when dreaming of the light she wishes to be hidden. Angela and I make effort to rise above all obstacles daily. Our love is not blind but pure thanks to being ever watchful for impurity. We know 2 years is not very much time and we have much to face ahead but we will do it head strong and most importantly without darkness in ourselves.

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