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Monday, March 7, 2016

Now It's Personal

Most know the more you let someone in the easier it is for them to hurt you, but why is this? I'm sure you have seen those movies where someone says "this just got personal" and then they have some duty to avenge someone or something. Normally whatever it is they would willingly risk everything else for. It's the things we care about that make us emotionally vulnerable. However if you ceased to care you would be in a constant state of apathy.

OK. Yes, there are a lot of people that will take information about you and use it for gossip or worse. Having a close friend is a double edged sword. But the world is a very dangerous place and having a sword at all is an important asset. Most people have a lot of acquaintances and very few close friends (if any) and most accept this as part of life. I don't think people realize how important confidants are. People feel special when you show them you think about them. I know when you're out and about and just text me about something you saw it really brightens my day. But it's even better when it's about something I like, this makes it personal. 

If people didn't care about anything they wouldn't have purpose. They would be destined to walk the earth with no direction what so ever. There is no way around caring; it's a necessity for your overall heath. Caring about something with someone else adds support. But being someone that someone else cares about almost shoots magic energy everywhere! Insecurities melt away and you feel the importance of just being you.  This is because things mean more when they are personal, and in my experience the more personal a friendship the better. 

Unless you're looking at a Monet painting, the farther you are from something the harder it is to see what's going on, or do anything about it. The more I know about my friends the more I think about them and the more personal I can be. My friends live subconsciously in the back of my mind and are pulled forward with every color, sound or sensation I experience. I am always available to my friends to tell me anything and everything. It's a simple equation, the more I know the closer and better of a friend I can be. When you are sad I know why and I can be more likely to say or do the right thing.

People have always told me I'm really good at giving gifts. This is why.  Find out everything you can about your close friends. Friends can seem really close and the second something bad happens in their lives they close up. I need you to know I want to be an important part of your life. I plead with you to never shut me out.

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