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Monday, July 24, 2017

5 Qualities that Make an Ideal Travel Companion

This last road trip was just Angela and I and I have to say it is not possible for someone to love anyone as much as I love Angela. She is THE PERFECT trip partner. I have a burning passion for my wife. She is everything I could ever dream of and more. But why is she so perfect to be around 24/7? I compiled a list of what I find to be the 5 qualities that make my wife my ideal travel companion.

1.) Reliability
It can be like pulling hair to get commitment out of people and sometimes that commitment means nothing to them. I put this as number one because without it you can't really have a travel companion. I can't tell you how many times I've made plans and people have backed out at the last second. Angela is always down for adventure and I know when we make plans she will be there with me.

2.) Flexibility
While travailing sometimes things do not go as planned.  The quality of bending the plan easily without breaking down is a must. It's OK to be someone that has to plan everything down to the minute but based off of traffic, road closures, or any number of things your travel may not go as planned!!! Open mindedness and ability to roll with the punches is so important! Yes trips can go horribly wrong but sometimes bad experiences can build great friendships.

3.) Fun Loving
One of my many favorite things about Angela is her smile. Everyone has heard the phrase "misery loves company". Well conversely I love the phrase "laughter is contagious". When you lose your keys and are looking for them people can very easily not notice something else they lost earlier. This is because we find what we are focused on. So the good news is if you are with someone like Angela that is always looking for the most fun, you are probably going to find it. The bad news is if you travel with someone that looks for reasons to complain... they will find that too.

4.) Respectful
A travel companion must be polite, considerate, and civil towards people. It is embarrassing when you are with someone and they don't tip at a restaurant. Or disregard decisions we make together. I am so grateful I have someone that isn't always looking for a fight. I've heard way too many stories of bratty argumentative people selfishly fighting tooth and nail to get what they feel entitled to. It shows me a lot of respect that Angela can communicate with me openly.


5.) Patience
Life to me is all about the experience and I know I only get so many. Things can take longer than anticipated but regardless Angela can accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry at me. This way she is then able to have good communication and we can validate each other's annoyances; things that could have been bad experiences become fun stories to tell or inside jokes, bringing us even closer.

I realize having a perfect travel companion is subjective based on an individuals personality. I've heard several people say the best person to be with is someone that lets you have space. I personally feel like that would be so lonely. I love my wife so much and I love every second I spend wither her vacationing or otherwise. <3

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