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Monday, November 16, 2015

Hunger Games Date

We saw the first Hunger Games movie they day it came out March 11, 2012. We had both read the book and I bought her a much sought after mocking jay pin for her to wear the movie. At that time I was just learning how to braid her hair and for that showing Angela braided her hair perfectly with the Katniss braid. She looked gorgeous!

Fast forward. The last of the Hunger Games movies were coming out and I felt I had to do something special. So I secretly bought tickets to The Hunger Games Mocking Jay part two at the city walk I max theater. I got them 2 months in advance so we could have the best seats in the house. We had lost Angela's mocking jay pin so I ordered a new one. I also learned how to do the Katniss braid so I could do her hair up for our date.

Everything fell into place so nicely. I was afraid after working I would not have enough time for a proper surprise. I had to do her hair that morning before work so she got to be excited all day. On they way to the movie I surprised her with the new Mocking Jay pin. SHE LOVED IT! The happy look on her face was so cute as I described why this movie meant so much to me.

Every moment I spend with Angela is a magical time. I cherish every memory I have and make with her. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity's to do amazing things with such an amazing person! I can't wait for the next chapter in our already fantastical book. 

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