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Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars (No Spoilers)

Along with Disney we have always been big Star Wars fans. It is fitting that Disney has bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise. Angela and I (as most of our friends know because we've told them so much) own The original Star Wars Episodes 4-6 on Laser Disk. Something people don't realize is the Digital copies for the making of the laser disks are the best and Only digital copies of the original film. The later released "original cut" DVDs were made using that same digital image ported at a lower resolution.

Whether or not that last paragraph read like it was written in Greek you understand how much of dorks Angela and I can be and how excited we were that there was a possibility for new good Star Wars. Without giving anything away it was as good as we could have hoped. I think the best review of the movie I have read was from our friend Hannah,

"Of Star Wars VII:
-Much was very satisfying.
-Some was very annoying.
Is it still worth seeing:

I may update this post later after everyone has seen the movie to give our thoughts on it.

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