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Monday, December 7, 2015

Beauty and the Beast at the Pantages!

When I was a kid my mom was a reporter for the LA Times. Sometimes she would get extra tickets for her family. One such time was when I got to go and see Beauty and the Beast at the Civic Arts Plaza. It was an amazing time and one of my favorite childhood memories. Angela and I are Disney obsessed... OK I said it, obsessed! We love everything Disney we can get our hands on; it's kind of our thing. So naturally I've wanted to share this childhood memory with her.

A few months ago I found out that that same production would be coming to the Pantages theater. There are no words to describe the historic Hollywood theater, it's just magical. The show was spectacular, as I would expect from any good touring show. The theater itself was phenomenal. The decor is absolutely beautiful and the carvings along the wall/proscenium were quite intricate. The theater is reminiscent of grandiose days gone by and this feeling really hits you once you walk through the doors. It's definitely a place to experience for live productions.

The play itself was everything I remembered and more. Angela and I had a fun time laughing at Gaston. He did a very well at playing the narcissistic muscle head in such a way that you hated and loved him at the same time.
Angela's and I had a magnificent Disney date. We love that we can do things that both of us enjoy so much. It's nice to dress up and get out on the town. The whole way home we shared passionately our opinions. I love that with Angela my mind can be energized by art that we can express and communicate so well.

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