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Monday, February 15, 2016

Our Perfect Disney Valentines Day.

Photo credit Angela Needham from our room balcony.

I am always looking for things to prove to my wife that I'm madly and deeply in love her and that she's the most important ever. That said, we did Disneyland the right way this weekend. I can't imagine anyone being able to have a better experience than we did. If I could give her the best thing I could think of... It would be this trip again.

The paramount thing in my life is spending time with my wife. I treasure every second I get with her. When I'm with my wife I'm happier and better for it. So it works out that this happens every day! We wake up together, go to work together, and talk about our day together. I take care of her and she takes care of me in return. We use endearments, have special jokes, and reminisce about special memories. In a way we have created our own magical world of romantic closeness.

First for Valentine's Day we checked in to our park view suite at the Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. The view from our room was amazing only second to how truly breathtaking Angela is as she puts on her red lips, black eyeliner, black and red dress and her black and red sparkly Mickey ears.

Angela and I go to Disneyland quite a bit and have even had hotels nearby but none of them even come close to the convenience of being a few steps away from the action. That we could go back and take a shower midday like it was no big deal was an invaluable experience. It was also fun to people watch people in the park from our room. But what was really the crowning achievement that this hotel had to offer us was...

We had reservations at the Rainforest Cafe but with a private balcony with a wonderful view of the World of Color presentation, we decided it would be much better to have room service and eat on our balcony. The food was exquisite, the view was divine, and the company was second to none.

The next day I took Angela over to ticketing, tears filled her eyes when I bought us two Signature passes for another full year of Disney. Our old passes where set to run out that day and she was coming to terms with taking a break from Disneyland. Even she didn't know how happy it would make her to have our passes renewed. We can't wait for our new Disney adventures to come.

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