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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


A clean home and a clean mind.

Angela and I have been run ragged trying to get everything done. Angela and I have been really busy working and trading off being sick. We finally got our butts in gear did our taxes and on Saturday cleaned our apartment (which is now a certifiable mess again.) We have amazing Valentine's Day plans that will be something special; and something we've needed for a while. So I'd read my next blog if I were you.
As for what we've been up to, we bought a high resolution photo scanner and have started archiving our lives. Even though it is a top of the line scanner it still takes time to scan each photo into the computer so we will do other things and when ones done we will switch it out for another. One thing's for sure; Angela was always such a cutie!! :3

I love that I never feel let down. Angela is always there for me. We realize that each other are our highest priority. It makes me so happy to never have to feel unimportant or useless.

It's like the story of the starfish.
We always know even though we can't help everyone or sometimes we can't do much of anything we are making a difference in each other's lives by simply loving each other.

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