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Monday, February 13, 2017

Zip Line and Sink Her

I surprised Angela with a romantic getaway to Catalina Island this past weekend. I love Angela so much and it’s amazing how much fun we have together! It’s important to keep as stress-free as possible so we needed a perfect romantic getaway.

The most important thing in my life is the connection I share with Angela.  As always, the bond between us gets stronger as we spend more time together.  We all need relaxed time away from the pressure of our daily responsibilities. When we boarded the Catalina express it was like boarding a ship away from life’s hassles. 

When we arrived on the island Friday night it was raining and we hustled to our tent cabin to lie down. We could hear the rain loudly on the tents large tarp roof. We felt so relaxed and were able to lower our inhibitions and connect like never before. Everything was perfect.  We felt we were one with nature and as our love intensified, like magic so did the rain. We live in a fairy tale. 

The rain cleared up for the rest of the trip and when we awoke the following morning we lazily walked around one of the cutest cities in the world. If you have never been to Catalina Island they use golf carts as cars and everyone is very nice. They have cute little shops everywhere and we took our time exploring. When we got breakfast I told Angela about our plans for a zip line adventure that I had planned in the evening!

Stepping off each precipice to zip line over the lush green island from over 600ft was romantic and exhilarating. We zip lined for over 2 hours and the whole time we could see the sunset over the ocean. Near the end we got to experience night zip lining! After zip lining we went to the arcade and ate BBQ chicken pizza. Needless to say the whole trip made us feel quite elated.

After staying in our cute little tent Saturday night we decided to leave the island and come back home for a nice nap in our own bed. Definitely one of the best valentine’s weekends I’ve ever had! And last valentine’s day we did this

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