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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Guide to getting and keeping a happy woman.

It seems like a lot of men these days are stumped on how to get a woman or keep them happy so this is to them. It goes without saying that I don't know everything about this subject but here is my take on it.

Having a deep intimate connection with your partner is the most important aspect of my relationship. So please take this first step and ask yourself why you are pursuing this woman. If it’s only her looks or to gratify your pride walk away... Better yet run away. Someone WILL get hurt if you take a shallow approach here.
I am writing this because so many of my female friends seem to have bad experiences with intimacy from guys. This extends to long term relationships or dating new men.  I’m also not surprised after I’ve heard things from guys like “You have to be mean to women, they like it!” (He’s divorced) or “Women are too complicated, even they don’t know what they want!”  

Whether it’s true or not most women feel men are creeptastic. Ultimately a woman wants to feel comfortable; this should be your number one priority. Hopefully you are not thinking “if a woman is comfortable that’s how you get friend zoned right?” 

That is only true if you fail to make your intentions clear. The fact is most Women are afraid of men. First you have to prove that you’re not going to be scary. Depending on the women’s experiences this can prove to be an easy or a VERY hard task. For some women all it takes is a soothing foreign accent or guys that can make them laugh and they slip off into a dreamy state of comfort. But watch out! It could be a long journey of proving you are nothing like her deadbeat dad or abusive ex. Whatever it ends up being it’s only when she feels comfortable that pursuing a deep intimate relationship becomes possible.

Be confident! Notice I didn’t say “lead her” or “take charge”. Women want to feel taken care of just like men want to feel taken care of.  If you both know where you’re going in life you can go there hand in hand. This is when you take steps closer to her and see if she gives you the signal that she wants you to take more. Keep the relationship interesting by finding out what she likes and make it happen for her. If she’s outdoorsy plan a picnic or camping trip. If she likes movies take her to one. If she likes food take her to her favorite restaurant or cook for her. 

Feeling like your relationship is one-sided can be painful and upsetting. Guys, if she's not thinking "Oh, I have it really good," "I'm blessed," or "I love him more than I could ever imagine." It could be a matter of time before your relationship starts to drag. Please ask her if she's feeling bored, insecure, or taken for granted. Just opening that communication could be what saves both of you hard times ahead. 

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