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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Woman Crush Wednesday

For this Woman Crush Wednesday I would like to take a moment to swoon over someone that is simply incredible in every way! Being with Angela is the best decision I ever made!
I would like you all to read what someone said after stumbling on a website like this one: 

“I found this website last night after another tough discussion that occurs during hard times.
I have been struggling to give the requested affirmations when there are no reasons to give them.
If I have to 'hold her hand' through everything she needs to do when she used to be able to do them?
How can I praise her that she cycled 80 km today, when she would normally have done that 2 years ago, 30 minutes faster?
How can I praise that she had a good day at work when she puts herself down as 'only a music teacher'?
How can I compliment her on her house keeping when she doesn't do the job properly?
If I do the cleaning then it causes a fight because she thinks that is her job to do.
I have repeatedly over the years told her that she looks fine, looks great and dresses well. She feels that she has a huge tummy, a huge backside, and saggy breasts. Only so much complimenting and praise can be done before it is just echoing off the brick wall.
I imagine that some people have their spouses as a best friend, but then who can you talk to when you need to vent about your partners / wife / husband situation.
The 10 points above sound sickly sweet, written by somebody recently fallen in to love, I am not able to see how I can apply any of the above points honestly to my current situation.”

Here is a woman begging to be loved. Everyone is at different stages of their lives. Sometimes we regress and sometimes we are at the top of our game. I can tell that this guy feels his wife is a disappointment. What never changes on any given day of our lives is our need to have support and love. If we constantly feel like a disappointment we are going to always need reassurance. His attitude is propagating the very problem he is trying to fix. 

I am constantly finding out how lucky I am to have Angela. Our days are filled with magic and I never feel like she is disappointed in me.  The best part is I always feel constant support. So today I would like to celebrate the best person I have ever met, my one true love and wife Angela. The world is as dark as your perception allows it to be. Although we may be “sickly sweet” I wouldn't have it any other way.

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