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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Angela Deserves Better Than Me

It's no secret that I love my wife. She's beautiful in every conceivable way, but more than that she complements me perfectly. We are of one mind and one heart. We have the same pet peeves and the same things that make us happy. The longer I live the rarer I realize these things are.

Angela deserves better than me. No, I'm not trying to put myself down here; quite the opposite. Me acknowledging this fact is why I will not stop becoming better every day.  We have all heard the breakup line "it's not you it's me" well there is no way it's going to be Angela and I refuse for it to be me. To reference Ingrid Michaelson, she takes me the way i am. I feel this is as romantic as it is an integral part of a healthy relationship. I am no coward and I will do anything to avoid my wife waking up one day and realizing she settled.

I don't have to have my guard up with Angela. I never have to say "you have to take my feelings into consideration" we both just do this organically. I feel so comfortable with her but I also realize that taking her for granted would be the worst mistake of my life. I will not back down from progressing myself to a standard  I can be proud of providing the love of my life.
When I look at Angela I see the same woman that I chased after, the same woman I knew I needed for the rest of my life, and the same woman that pushes me to be more every day. This is the reason we have great jobs, own our own home in an expensive neighborhood, and have great friends that we love. I just wanted to write another blog post to thank my wife for being the anchor in my life. If I could go back in time and choose anyone on this planet to be with, you still would be number one on my list. There is no one else that can do what you do. You are uniquely perfect for me. I love you more than words. 

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