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Friday, May 12, 2017

Grand canyon girls trip

Angela and I had the wonderful opportunity to take our good friends Afra and Erika on a road trip. While traveling by airplane is nice, the perks of a road trip far outweigh the perks of air travel. When you are on the open road, spontaneity seems to be your guide. Afra had never been to the Grand Canyon before so that was ultimately the destination but when you are on the road you can't just go to one place and call it good.

Some people say, "Oh I wish I could go on road trips but I work during the week." Well, we do too! All of these trips we take are weekend trips that only last a couple days. It is not uncommon for us to travel over 2,000 miles in one weekend. Obviously this is not for people that can't palate sitting in a car for most of their trip, but we love it!

Our first stop was The Grand Canyon. We arrived at night in time for some night photography.

We had fun finding good spots and taking some photos of each other with the stars behind us. We were so tired that we slept right there on the edge of the Grand Canyon and continued our journey after we snapped some photos of the Canyon in morning light. 

One of the many fun things about taking Erika on a road trip is she has a kick butt 90's pop play list!!! S Club, Britney, NSYNC, you name it! It's so fun to sing along (at the top of your longs) with the hits of yesterday. I can't even express how fun building ridiculous memory's with people that don't judge can be. I am so thankful for the friends I have!

Horseshoe bend

Erika at the Las Vegas Taco Bell

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