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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Disney Skyline Lounge

As all of you know that keep up with this blog Angela and I love Disney. Yesterday we got to do something truly special. We have annual passes and its always so nice to just wonder around with no sense of urgency and just soak in the atmosphere. People watching can be so relaxing when everyone around you is so happy.

That being said sometimes it can get very busy and you just need to take a step back. This is where the Skyline Lounge comes in. It was the perfect experience for people like Angela and I. We are introverts that envy those of you that are extroverts.

We arrived at the Tomorrowland Expo Center (Previously The Innoventions Center) at 7:45 Just as they tell you to on Disney's website. The told us that we needed to check in at the events stand next to the flying souser food stand.

When they let us up it was more like 8:10 P.M

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