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Monday, December 15, 2014

I Got to Meet Penguins!

Angela gave me the best birthday present ever! She let me meet penguins! Okay, my life is getting pretty ludicrously awesome. When I started this blog I had hope that our lives would get better, but I never dreamed that we would be this happy and doing magical things like this. I've always loved penguins. I've had a stuffed animal of a penguin since I was 7 years old that has been battered and torn from being loved. Penguins are just so darn cute! So naturally when I met real life penguins all I wanted to do was huggle them. I felt like Elmira from Looney Tunes.

Replace the turtle with a penguin in this picture and you have the idea. I thought I would have to travel to the ice shelf on Antarctica to have the chance to play with penguins. After all, there are people that go to school for years for an opportunity like this. I am so in love with Angela and she is so good to me!

After Thanksgiving dinner, we got into our new car and drove down to my birthday surprise. We checked into the top floor of a nice hotel. We were fifteen floors up and had a beautiful view of the industrial part of the harbor. The next morning we woke up and had a wonderful continental breakfast at the hotel, followed by a very short trip to see penguins! When we arrived I felt like royalty. The people there were so polite and it genuinely felt like they were glad we were there.

They let us in with the penguins so they could play with us. We walked with them fed them and even held them. The way they let the penguins do whatever they wanted was so informal (in the best way) and fun. It was really a dream come true. The penguins seemed to love our company. I was hoping that they would let us stay there if I could fool them into thinking we were penguins too. I even walked behind them with my arms to the side squawking but I don't think they were fooled.
My life is in over load position.  I don't know how I can be this blessed. I really don't feel like I deserve it. I am so filled with joy as I think of Angela and all these fun things we get to do. It really seems like Angela has this power to make life burn with passion and love. I can't even begin to tell anyone reading this how blessed she makes my life.  Please take the time to read the rest of my blog it is my journal of the love we share. Also feel free to comment I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about my blog. :)

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