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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We Bought the Perfect Car!

At the beginning of my blog there were things that were going wrong in our lives. One of them was Angela's car broke and we have had to fare with one car. This blog is about the happy things that are happening now that our lives are back on track and I am pleased to let you all know with this post we bought a new car, AND WE LOVE IT!

If there is anything that makes me lose faith in humanity, it's car shopping. Angela and I went car shopping and it was awful! Every time we looked at a car they would talk down to us and lie. I think they assumed because we are young we would be suckers. Angela and I are not suckers. When we want something we do our research, we save our money, and we buy it. Nothing I have ever bought however has been more painful as buying a car. I felt like every car dealer was Danny DeVito from Matilda.

When we were first looking for a car a year and a half ago we wanted a Prius. To us a car symbolizes freedom and the idea of excellent gas mileage was very enticing. We test drove the Prius C and the regular Prius but it felt like if we needed to get out of the way of a car or truck fast it would be game over. The gas tank was only 11 gallons, and you only get the best gas mileage when you're city driving and we wanted incentive to travel.

Everywhere we went they treated us like children. At the Thousand Oaks Toyota dealership when I said I needed to take a moment to think about it they mocked me by saying "I thought you had done your research already?" At the Oxnard Toyota dealership, they told us the warranty would cover everything for 5 years or 100,000 miles and whatever breaks we can just come back and they would fix it no charge. However when we read the contract it said 2 years limited warranty. And even when going through Costco the Simi Valley Toyota, after checking our credit, tried selling us a Camry for almost $40,000...

We looked at the Honda Civic at the Simi Valley Honda dealership and they told us it had 180 HP, when it had 140 HP. We went to the Thousand Oaks Acura dealership and when Angela told them we had been lied to everywhere else they started to lie to us, corrected themselves, and stayed quiet for the rest of the time. Also every time we made an appointment they told us we would be meeting with the "head guy" but every time we showed up they took one look at us and gave us the lowest level guy they could find.

After all of this we finally decided on a car. We got a car with an 18 gallon gas tank, touch screen navigation system, 182 HP, and when we took it to Oregon it got 40 mpg there and back. We love it and could not be happier with our Nissan Altima SV. It's all around comfortable safe and beautiful. I'm so glad we got a name brand car that is known for its reliability. We really didn't want to settle for a KIA or a Subaru. Angela and I really feel like we picked the best car out there. I think some of our friends thought we might have gotten too nice of a car but we have been saving money for a long time and we bought it with cash. It's all ours and it feels great! :)

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