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Friday, January 9, 2015

Relationship troubles

Should I be afraid of losing my wife? I spoke to someone the other day that informed me that marriage is great for the first year. He is about to start his 4th marriage and is excited for his upcoming first year. It is a sad and scary statistic that marriage ends in divorce 50% of the time. I love being married to my wife; it brings me the greatest joy I can even imagine. So how can I know that my marriage won't be one of the many casualties of the war of love?
There is something positive about a 50% statistic though; a lot of examples of what not to do. The good news is after looking at failed relationships I am even more confident that Angela and I are perfect for one another. How can I be so sure? One word, preparation. We don't take each other for granted and we work on our relationship every day. Also a spontaneous 5-10 minute back/foot rub makes everyone happy.

It makes me happy to make my wife happy so I am always trying to find ways to make her smile. Some people rock their loved ones to sleep I rock my wife awake. I like to play Dragon Force or Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train. This puts us both in a good mood to start the day.
Whether it's a romantic getaway or simply kissing her on the forehead, I try to tell her I love her in every way I can. Life is so short and there really is no time to waste. We use our love as a motivation to stay healthy hoping for many more years together. Something I see in relationships that fail is a lack of shared hobbies, but we have all the same hobbies! With my interest in fashion and makeup I am even able to compliment her sincerely on specific things with her appearance like that her shoes match her outfit today. :)
Thanks to mindfulness, preparation, and let's face it -- pixie magic. We seem to have the perfect relationship. I've always been told growing up that things look better from the outside. But I can tell you this, Angela impresses me every day with how she makes the impossible possible and exceeds any expectations I might have had. We have made it well over the one year mark so take that, guy that was telling me good things wouldn't last! And there are many more years to prove that guy wrong ahead of us  :P

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