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Monday, January 19, 2015

Target and Cupcake ATM

If this blog is going to be about us, it's going to be impossible to not mention Target. Or “Tar-jay” for you high class shoppers. Angela and I will take every opportunity to go to Target. Our most recent trip was for a pizza pan. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: we need a pizza pan.
Angela: hmmm, yes yes we do...
Angela and I in unison: Target?

We know Target is not the best place to buy a pizza pan it might not even be second best... Ok.. after our trip we still do not own a pizza pan.. But it was nice to have an excuse to go. Is it crazy to say you feel more comfortable at a retail store than almost anywhere else?  Maybe its the wide aisles, reasonable prices, bright lights, or the fact Target has a little of everything but its our go to place for retail therapy... Oh did I mention cute baby clothes!?!?

Target has even become a family affair, the sweater I'm wearing today my sister in law helped me pick out. I used to text people at 3 in the morning "Going to Denny's" and who ever showed up made the night all the more fun. Now it's "Going to Target; clothes aisle first." Two min latter: "I am not digging their short shorts." 10 min after that: "I think it might smell weird by the bathing suits... " If you would like in on this text list let us know, we love people that love Target.

Enough about target though I wanted to tell everyone in internet land about our experience with the 24 hour Cupcake ATM. We have been wanting to go for awhile and this weekend we made a special trip to Beverly Hills to try this thing out. The ATM is outside of a store called Sprinkles. This store sells adorable ice cream and cupcakes.

Any adventure that includes eating a cupcake is a successful one in my book. But it was so much fun to watch the camera inside this machine grab the cupcakes. And the best part was they had a gluten free cupcake for Angela!  It even had a cute "G" made out of hardened sugar on top.

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