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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The 2 V's of Girl World

It is so easy for most guys to chalk women off as irrational or even crazy. I see women as cunning, resourceful, and emotional powerhouses. Women in general over think things. This is not a bad thing when compared to most guys under thinking things. We had a girls night and the girls politely asked "how do you prefer this cheese to be wrapped up?" And then preceded to put the cheese away very gingerly. Then we had a guy over, he wrapped it half way called it good; now the cheese has dry places. It is said that guys insult each other but they don't mean it and women complement each other... but they don't mean it either.

In girl world there are back handed complements like calling someone's outfit "affordable". This would look innocent enough to most guys, but to a lot of women this makes them feel unclassy and cheap. Some women even go out shopping and encourage a "friend" to buy an outfit that is not flattering on them, or talk about an outfit that would fit them really well on purpose because they know it wouldn't fit their "friend".
 I need to clarify something not all women are like this in fact most are not. The importance of why I am telling you all this is that every women knows at least one women that IS like this, and therefore is justifiably on her guard. Every jab by a woman plays to embarrass or make the other insecure. And it is so easy for a guy that has no idea about girl world to stumble on his words and say something offensive. Just as if you were to go to a different country with different customs you would be respectful. You wouldn't call them crazy and expect them to change. So please don't do this with women.
I enjoy girl talk; it relaxes me. I love to talk about my feelings and dissect situations line by line. I'm a big fan of people-watching and look forward to Pumpkin-Spice everything around Thanksgiving.  I can just go sit on a bench somewhere and appreciate how everyone is dressed or treating each other. I even enjoy Keeping up with the Kardashians as a guilty pleasure. But most importantly I understand the two V's of girl world, vent and validation. This give and take is what makes a healthy relationship and girls in general do it best.

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