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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Zelda and the Adventures of Marriage

Marriage is such an unusual and exciting thing. Every day is an exploration of unknown territory. I love video games. But not in the way you might expect. I almost never sit down and play a video game by myself. I collect them and get my biggest joy from others playing them. I can watch my wife play Zelda for hours and enjoy every second of it. We even make an event when we play by making blue jello and adding cool whip to the top. I own every Zelda game that has ever existed and we are going through them all one by one together.

We do everything together. When my wife and I were at Fry's one day we saw one of those discounted movie displays with hundreds of random DVDs in it. Our O.C.D's kicked in and in about an hour we had the whole display organized, every duplicate movie with its fellow. We just randomly started working together until it was done then stood back and admired our work from afar. We witnessed a customer picking up movies to look at them and putting them back right where they found them as to keep them organized.

Something I don't lead many conversations with is that I own over 40 video game systems and over 1000 games. This is because most people that own so much of something are obsessed with it. They gain weird nerd pride and video games can run their lives. Truth is I hardly ever play video games and I get bored very quickly when someone starts talking about them. This is because most of the time I am more into the history and evolution of technology than the actual video games themselves. I also collect LP's and Laser Disks.

When I was dating Angela and she found out I had so many video game systems she had fear that I was a hoarder. But then she saw that every system has its own Rubbermaid tub organized with all the cords rapped up nicely and that I take care to make sure everything stays as mint and organized as possible. She was even more happy with me. Every once in a while Angela and I will play a game for a few hours or a weekend and then not play a video game for a couple months. We both enjoy video games as one of the many wonderful things to do together in this grand adventure of life. Angela even sent me an Ebay link today she found to help with the collection.

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