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Monday, November 10, 2014

Why I Never Forgive

I feel like there is misconception surrounding the word "forgiveness". I feel like there is an almost altruistic air about it and self-righteousness. That though someone probably doesn't deserve it, you're going to be the "bigger person" and "forgive" them. I really don't think all people are that way, but some definitely are. I don't have issues with the actual meaning, what I have a problem with is the fa├žade that some people make it to be. 

I'm simple. An odd thing about me is when people like me and my wife, I like them too. So just ask yourself, "Do I like Sean and Angela? If the answer is yes then I wholeheartedly like you back. Words like "forgiveness" really don't mean anything to me. It doesn't really take me "time" to get over things. If you come up to me and say, "I like you, you're my friend" I am very trusting. Yes, being trusting has hurt me in the past but life's too short to be guarded. Please for anyone out there, if you think for any reason I don't like you, ask! It's definitely a misunderstanding. And however long we haven't talked to someone we can just pick up where we left off being happy and loved.

I've got a rule; if you're trying to get at me then I will not fall into your trap and get mad. And if you're not trying to get me mad then I will not get mad because what you're doing is unintentional.

Angela and I love our friends. It was very sad when we had to tell one of my older closest friends not to contact us anymore. This person was accusing us of having malicious intentions towards them. This was not the first time they had assumed this and they had escalated the situation to where we had to ask them to not contact us again. Frankly, that's not my style and it truly pains me to have to push someone away like that. It came at a bad time as well, just at the point where we had gotten through so many things, we felt like we were finally gasping for air, just to be pushed underwater again by this situation. I don't blame them, there's no way they would have known the extent of what was going on in our lives. That would be unreasonable.

Even though they were angry and threatening, I don't have any resentment in my heart. If they can just take my hand and let go of the anger we can rebuild a wonderful friendship. The second they decide to like me again, I will gladly open my arms to them with a smile and give them a big hug. And that goes for everyone. Any friendships lost either because of resentment or drifting away, I open my arms to you too. I don't want any more lost opportunities for good times with good people. Anyone who knows me can email me: Consider this an invitation for friendship.

My wife and I feel happiest when we are useful. When people closet to us can just start talking about what's on their mind like we are reassuring extensions of themselves. We want to be the people that when we are around they just feel happier and they don't really know why. We want to be so connected with people that they forget we are even around, like it's just natural that we would be there for them. We appreciate when people are their genuine selves around us. We need people to know that they can say or do anything around us without fear of being judged.

Angela and I love living life to the fullest. If you want to join us on our adventures of having girl's nights or anything we talk about doing with our friends just let us know :) We had a wonderful time at the Hello Kitty Con this year. We got to tour the museum and look at all the shops. Here's me with Hello Kitty Lincoln.

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