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Monday, November 24, 2014

Angela is my density.

It's always more fun when I'm with Angela and last week was no exception. On opening night Angela and I went on a date to the new Hunger Games movie. We were sitting in the audience with everyone else laughing at something we found funny and something occurred to me. We were the only ones laughing. Something that was not intended to be funny had tickled us both just right into a giggling frenzy. This is magical to me, something that was not an inside joke nor something that made anyone else happy made both of us happy.

I trust Angela implicitly and confide in her all I am. She is my best friend and my wife. She is the first person I think about whenever I do anything. She is literally always on my mind and I on hers. In this way we look at things though each other's eyes sharing in everything we do. Some people are like oil and water, others are like potassium and water. Angela and I are like water and water. We have ceased to exist separately; picture pouring two glasses of water into one empty container, that's what our souls feel like. Just like this water Angela and I are the same density, we cannot be separated.

It is no doubt that Angela and I must have been made for each other. Our brains work in similar ways. According to wiki to have the same sense of humor you would have to fallow a host of variables, including geographical location, culture, maturity, level of education, and intelligence. And that's just humor, so how did I get someone so perfect for me? It's plain to me that the fact she not only exists, but also loves me is a miracle. I love the paradox of how impossible love seemed in theory until Angela came along and proved it's everywhere.

We are made fun of for wearing the same color clothes places. We hear people say we are like twins. If we were both girls we would probably accidentally show up places wearing the same outfit. Bottom line is I find life amusing. I never thought I would fit anywhere in this world. I had times when I just wanted to jump out of my body so I could breathe because I felt so trapped here. But not only do I feel understood, valuable, and loved. I have someone to share these feelings with.Whether its sharing giggles at a theater or giving the best hugs in the world, Angela is my density. 

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