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Thursday, April 9, 2015

5 Reasons BFF's make the best spouses.

I married my best friend. I keep seeing articles on how you should not expect your husband to be your best friend. I'm getting a little tired of hearing things like "Having him as your best friend will be the death-nail to the marriage." I have to tell all of you for me it's the exact opposite. To be compatible enough to be BFF and a spouse is something magical and wonderful. It's also a big responsibility. It requires no judging at any time, being interested in 100% of what your spouse is interested in, and loads of understanding. These things are not reasonable to look for in a spouse but that's what makes our relationship so special.

That being said here are five reasons why I wish everyone could have a BFF spouse. :)

1. You're comfortable with each other.
I'm not talking about the ability Angela and I have to eat pizza, watch Netflix, and veg out together for long periods of time; anyone can do that. It's about talking about things no one wants to hear but needs to hear and then giggling about it like 11 year old girls that just inhaled pixie sticks.

2. Conversation comes naturally. 
I love this! There's no waiting around for your spouse to ask the right question about your day or your life.  Chances are you're already talking about what's important without even realizing it. And what's more they are the only person in the world you want to be talking about it with.

3. Every night is a sleepover.
Sure every day is an adventure but with a BFF there's nothing like a blanket fort, a pint of Ben and Jerry's and a movie you both will enjoy. Or scrolling though Pinterest together talking about what outfit goes with what body type, only to cuddle and fall asleep in each other's arms.

4. You're in tune with each other's thoughts and emotions.
Picture this, inside jokes double, your husband notices you spent a little extra time on your makeup today and suggests you go get those shoes you've been eying but never told anyone about. Or your husband knows when you look overwhelmed and stressed thinking about dinner then surprises you by taking you out for a dinner date and expresses he appreciates all you do.

5. There's no wondering what to say.
Guys tend to push buttons when their spouse is quietly upset. Then when understandably the wife freaks out and walks the fine line between complaining to someone and making them feel as if they are the problem.... everyone falls short. Being BFF's and a spouse means respect and attractiveness go hand in hand. Just because someone is having a problem does not mean they are the problem. Sure when you woke up in the morning you didn't plan for your spouse to get upset but they are the priority. Nothing shows you love someone more than dropping everything to just hold them and tell them everything is going to be okay.

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