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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Being a Gentleman V.S Flirting

I've always understood my need for love and companionship. When I looked for a spouse, intelligence and common interests were key. I am attracted to my wife because I'm in love with her. I found most men are in love with their spouses because they are attracted to them. I also found out most women think the same way I do and when I talk to men they make me feel dumb for having my priorities right.

Growing up in this community of guys has blurred the line between actively respecting women and being a flirt. It's not only a cliché but also true that most guys are always thinking about "doin' the deed." These men think if they put magical nice coins in women, they deserve to be paid back--if you catch my drift. Although guys need companionship and affection just as much as women they normally set their goals with sex being the priority in all they do. This "get some" attitude is most guys driving force. I knew a guy that was getting married to a not so nice lady, when asked why settle for someone that's not good to you? He said "because she's a ten out of ten man!" When someone is "hot" enough nothing else matters. I even know two women that are married to men I know cheated on them but they still don't know...

Something I've always done is walk women to their car or to their door of their home. I also like to know when someone gets home safe with a call or a text. Still to this day at girl's night I walk everyone out to their cars as they leave for the night. At first I thought by taking the time to walk each woman safely to their car would make Angela feel less special. However the opposite effect happened. She was proud to have such a caring husband that she could show off.

This idea that being a gentleman and flirting being the same thing comes from being raised around guys. To many men even talking to a woman without looking at their breasts is hard work. People think "I'm not like that so therefore everyone else must not be like that also." I respect women a lot and I'm in no way discrediting them for not realizing the extent of guys' creepiness. I wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't been born a guy and seen unfiltered guy talk for myself. WOMEN WHAT YOU SEE FROM MEN IS FILTERED! The second your back is turned and they are with other guys they start talking about things they would never say if a women is within 100 yards. I'm surprised every day because I think most guys are creeps and there for women are going to assume I'm a creep. But no, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be a gentleman.

Update: While I'm writing this Guy 1. "I'd bang her... then you can bang her... oh heck you can bang her and then I'll bang her right after" Guy 2. "OK, yeah she's hot!" Talking about a woman that's not either of their wives... 

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