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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Project Morpheus and E3

It has been an amazing opportunity to go to E3 and I've had a blast annually for 4 years in a row. I get to try out all the new tech sometimes years before anyone else gets their hands on it. This year I took off work for one day to drive down to the LA Convention Center to go and I got to try the new virtual reality called Project Morpheus. It was fun to see where the entertainment industry is headed. There were two things I wanted to try this year at E3, one was Project Morpheus and the other was Starfox Wii U.  And I got to try them both.
Starfox was a lot of fun, they had big pods that looked like cockpits for you to sit in and after I played the game they gave me an exclusive Starfox pin. At this point it occurred to me that I had tried everything I needed to try and I wished Angela was there with me. I thought to myself I could go and try something else or I could go home and do something special for Angela. So I left early to beat traffic and cleaned the apartment.
I went to 4 stores to try to find peonies which are Angela's favorite flower, but I couldn't find them. I ended up going with the tried and true red roses. Also I picked up things to make dinner and some penguin gummies from Trader Joe's. I hung up all the laundry, fixed the clogged disposal, vacuumed, scrubbed the kitchen, took a shower, and rearranged the apartment so the treadmill could fit inside. Angela came home from work just in time for me to have finished shaving and to have a rose in my hand.
Angela came in the apartment holding a Trader Joe's bag... She had planed to make me dinner as a surprise when I came home from E3. We are so much alike and so much in love! Angela convinced me to let her make me dinner because I had cleaned, but I still plan to make her dinner tonight. :)

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