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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our 2,000 Mile Road Trip Weekend!

We left Thursday night and stayed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. We left too late and ran into 3+ hours of traffic. We ended up getting there at 4 am. They waived the resort fee for us because we were only going to stay there for a few hours which was nice. We went up to our room in hopes to go straight to bed. When we got there however a couple of things were missing from the mini bar and the window shade was stuck in the down position. I thought I might as well call downstairs to make sure we were not going to get charged and to tell them about the window. They basically laughed at me and said "what are we supposed to do about this at 4 am?" We thought, "Okay we can't do anything more today let's just go to bed."

We awoke at 5 am to knocking on our hotel room door, and then a guy just came into our room! It was the engineering department to fix the window. I was too out of it to stop him and sat there well he finished up. He said "here's some chocolate for you guys" and handed us chocolates from his pocket. It was totally weird and random that he gave us chocolate from his pocket. Angela told me to not eat candy from strangers. We were incredibly tired so we went back to sleep. Then we woke up to 2 phone calls from the front desk. I missed the first one but picked up the second one. They asked "Is there anyone in this room? It says you guys already checked out. I assured the lady on the phone that we had not checked out yet and were planning to be staying for a few more hours... I'm glad I picked up the phone because had I not I think they would have sent someone else in our room.
So our stay at the MGM Grand was not that grand. We got back in our car passed a lot of cars headed for EDC and made it safely to Cedar City. This is where our trip really got a lot better. I've never felt more welcome going anywhere. It's amazing how wonderful our friends are. We made peanut butter cookies and we played Super Smash Brothers U and Mario Kart U and they let us stay in their extra room. We went to the store and bought some things that you can't get where we live and drove around in an awesome 70's Nova.
We parted ways the next morning and made our way to Salt Lake City, or the Mormon Mecca as we kept calling it. We walked around Temple Square and toured the old and new conference centers. Then we drove around Sundance and it was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. After that we made our way to our final destination of Provo. Our friend there said we could stay in their spare room as well but we know how bad traffic can be on Sunday's during the day on the I-15 South. But we did get to play Mario Kart 64 and got to tour their cool basement apartment.

On our way back we got to see the stage and lights from EDC. Our trip was fun but fast, there was so much more that we wanted to do that I'm sure we will be back. Everyone was so accommodating and it was such a pleasure, I just hope that our friends liked us visiting as much as we did. Our trip may have only lasted for 60 hours but my beautiful wife and I were able to go so far and see so much. I can't wait until our next adventure! Who am I kidding? Every day is an adventure <3 <3 <3

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