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Monday, March 23, 2015

A Man Who Wants a Bridal Shower (Please don't judge me)

Weddings are a very personal commitment. When I got married I really wanted everything perfect for my bride to be. Now that she is my bride nothing has changed. When I showed interest in going to Angela's bridal shower I was told that someone else was throwing the shower and it would be rude to invite me. I was told it was normal for the groom not to be allowed to attend and it would be weird for me to show up (I'm sure it would have been). However now that I've grown up a bit I realize you have to set your own trends, times are consistently changing and things are only awkward if you let them be.
I've talked to a lot of women that have said they didn't want a co-ed shower because guys would get bored very quickly. I'm not like that and it would have been a dream come true to attend my wife's shower.  I would have even had a blast throwing it; after all these things only happen once in a lifetime. Some people are happy vicariously living though someone else, I just can't do that.
My wife and I go to things like Mary Kay parties and I'm tired of getting the same three reactions 1.Wow he's whipped, she must have made him come. 2. Can't he spend one night without his wife? He needs to grow up. Or 3. He must be gay.

I've never got "Hey he loves his wife and likes to put makeup on her face like a beautiful canvas". I can't tell you how many times I've face palmed when people say "It's nice you host girls night for your wife...."  or when I bring up that I wanted a bridal shower, "well you should have had a groom roast with all your bro's"
I host girls night with my wife because it's one of the many things we enjoy doing together. Next girls night we are going to have a bridal shower theme and I couldn't be more excited. I don't know anyone that fits exactly into "normal". I am impressed with my wife's ability to adapt and work with this odd disposition of mine. I try to stick up for her and be there whenever she needs me. I shouldn't keep score but honestly she does so much more for me that I feel inadequate.

I've had to weed out people in my life that look down on me or exclude me from things that I genuinely enjoy. Feeling left out is a horrible feeling but I would rather have people around me that want to include all of me. This being said I'm very lucky to have so many great friends. It's too bad simply because someone's born a girl or guy there are so many social rules against us.

My wife has really put herself out there every time she is invited to something that I'm not. Instead of leaving me behind and hanging out with people that don't like me she stands by me. I feel guilty to put my wife in this position especially because a lot of times this means social suicide for her. These selfless social martyrs don't go unnoticed by me. Again with this blog post I would like to raise awareness of how wonderful my wife is.

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