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Monday, March 30, 2015

50th Blog! Q&A

I can hardly believe this is my fiftieth blog post and to celebrate this momentous occasion I asked people to send in questions to answer today. I got 4 really good questions that I'm excited to answer but before I get into that, Angela and I were hiking yesterday at Wildwood and for the first time someone approached us and complemented me on my blog! I am so honored and flattered that anyone reads this. It made me so happy that I can share our love with all of you, it truly made my day, thank you. :)

 Okay now with the wonderful questions.

1.       How did you meet?
Angela and I met at a swing dance class at Moorpark College.

 2.       How did you know that you were in love?  
My sense of self has grown through knowing Angela. She essentially started being the best part of me. It was more than just laughing and playing around our connection ran much deeper than I ever expected anyone's could. One day I came to the realization I wanted to make all of these small adventures one large one and that I need her with me forever. So I started making plans to make that happen.

 3.       What was your most memorable date?
I have to say my favorite date was when I randomly took Angela to a dark abandoned parking lot with a big flat wall and just started setting up, (I know it sounds creepy so far but stay with me here).  First, I got a fold out table from our trunk with a 50's table cloth. I set up the table with various snacks (taffy, popcorn, gummy bears, grapefruit gummy slices, peanuts, and others) all wrapped up in cute 50's snack bags. Then I took out drinks that had labels that said "Sean's Drive-in Theater" on them.  Then I brought out a poster board with a movie poster lined with taffy that I had taped on it. Then I brought out a battery backup, a projector, and a FM tuner to hook the movies sound to our car.  I had created a fully functional personal drive in movie theater.

4.       What is the most important aspect in building a relationship?
Well I'll have to pick two... patience and self-respect. Some people think that both patience and relaxation is unattainable. I mean how can you relax when something is important but not getting done!?! Most worry, get angry, or express themselves in some way so people know it's important. After all lack of communication is the route of most frustration. But resist the temptation to get desperate. If someone can't listen to you when your calm collective and reasonable chances are they are not going to lesson to you when you freak out. Also if you do need to freak out to get what you want that's not a good relationship.

OK that's all for this blog post, please remember to like comment and share I love hearing from all of you. :)

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